Value-based software, Ethical pricing

You may be asking, “What does Value-based Software, Ethical Pricing mean?” To us, it means everything.

Our country is in what many would call a crisis. Healthcare costs are climbing out of control and everyone from the federal government to entrepreneurs around the world are rushing in to help improve the system, but there’s a catch.

There’s a hidden problem in that pricing structures we see for most businesses selling to healthcare organizations are also out of control. Software or service companies charge far more than is needed to grow a healthy, sustainable business. Moreover, many times the companies selling the software or services want to hold back as much value as possible from their clients so they can upsell them even further.

We are paying for more than just the actual clinical care we receive. Every dollar spent by healthcare organizations must ultimately get passed along to the patients or the taxpayers. And hey, WE’RE the patients and taxpayers too! So what does value-based software actually mean? It doesn’t mean is developing neat widgets which are shiny and new but bring very little end value to the patients you’re seeking to serve.

It’s important our software helps empower patients’ decisions, drive performance improvement and increase revenues. Moreover, our team is passionate about bringing you expertise, shared experience and strategies on how to leverage our systems for maximum impact. Ultimately, value-based software is about meaningful results from excellent software and a real partnership to help innovate inside your organization.

And ethical pricing? That’s simple. Patients are your ultimate “customers,” so they are ours as well. You don’t want to rip off your customers, right? So we price our tools like we’re going to have to pay for them ourselves. Because ultimately we all share the cost burden in healthcare. There is no “committee of they” who will pay for the improvements needed in healthcare.

We don’t make our pricing look small on a “per doctor” or “per location” level, knowing that it blows up when you get to a system-wide deal. We won’t have an infinite pricing structure that gets larger with no caps.

If healthcare systems are going to be pressed to be better, more efficient, add more value to our lives and have costs that are sustainable – shouldn’t their partners be held to the same standards? By partnering with Connect Healthcare, you’ll have a team who not only understands your goals, but is working toward a healthier system.

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