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With years of experience in healthcare, we design sites based on both function and form.

Web Design

With years of experience in healthcare, we design sites based on both function and form. When you choose our products, we work with you throughout the entire process of designing your site. You have an entire creative team of award-winning designers to help support your needs. We ensure transitions from initial design to launch are seamless and that the final solution results in an exceptional product for your consumers.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

When designing your site to be responsive, we make it possible for consumers to reach you from their device of choice. A responsive site eliminates the need to have multiple versions of a site for desktop and mobile views. When designed to be responsive, a site displays content based on screen size. Less pivotal elements can be set to not display on small screens. Likewise, specific components can be flagged to only appear depending on if the visitor is using a desktop, tablet, or smart phone. While users consume your content, you can feel confident about your web presentation.

Researched Based Design

Research-Based UI/UX

Having a great website is more than just a striking design. It’s making sure users can easily find what they need. With our UX/UI (User Experience/User Interface) review, we ensure every part of your site from function to graphics adds to the user experience. We are constantly refining our approach with user testing so our designs fit your needs.

Award Winning Team

Award Winning Team

Our team has won multiple eHealthcare Leadership Awards for best site design. When you trust Connect Healthcare with your website, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

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