Merger Announcement
We are excited to announce Connect Healthcare and have officially joined forces to become one company. As a result of this merger, Connect Healthcare will be changing its company name to Enterprise.

Merger announcement

We are excited to announce Connect Healthcare and have officially joined forces to become one company. As a result of this merger, Connect Healthcare will be changing its company name to Enterprise.

As a valued client, you know we are constantly evolving and seeking new ways to improve how patients find, access and engage with your organization. Working closely with hundreds of leading healthcare organizations for the past 20 years, we’ve seen persistent challenges across the industry which have driven our innovation, challenges including:

  • Struggling to effectively manage provider data
  • Developing and managing an effective patient journey across ‘owned’ digital properties and third-party sites
  • Compromising strategic agility due to siloed vendor management across multiple platforms

As our two companies join forces, we are enabling our clients to finally overcome these critical obstacles, especially as the healthcare landscape continues to evolve toward a more patient- and consumer-focused industry.

Who is

Founded in 2012, pioneered online listings management as well as web-wide appointment scheduling for healthcare providers. is known for their direct partnerships and integrations with the most prominent healthcare directories, search engines, and social media platforms in the business, giving their clients access to a network of over 100 million patients every month. More than 25,000 healthcare organizations use’s platform to enhance their online presence and credibility, increase patient trust and grow their business. is headquartered in New York City and led by CEO Andrei Zimiles. The team is extremely passionate, possesses deep expertise in digital healthcare and shares a similar culture to ours. We at Connect Healthcare have worked alongside the team as strategic partners for almost two years, and this is one reason we’re thrilled to be become a single organization.  We have already experienced how well our teams and technology work together to benefit clients. Both teams bring an intentionality to client success and place a premium on partnership that is sorely needed in our industry.

What should I expect from this?

As a Connect Healthcare client, you won’t experience any changes to your services or your existing relationships. Our current products and roadmap remain on the same path and you will still engage with the same team you’ve always enjoyed working with.

Going forward, however, you will have access to more resources, tools and services to streamline your vendor management as well as enhance your digital strategies. You will have access to our combined teams to bring even more expertise to thought leadership, networking and client promotion opportunities, analytics, reporting and more.

In short, you can expect no negative changes to your current relationship with Connect Healthcare and will only benefit from greater resources and depth of tools as a result of the merger.

Why did the merger take place?

Both companies share a common vision of enabling healthcare organizations to deliver a better patient experience across every step of their online journey, leading up to and beyond their actual clinical experience. By combining our expertise, resources and platform capabilities, not only are we better equipped to tackle this ambitious vision, we are the only company in the healthcare industry to provide a holistic solution on a seamless platform.

Unlike many mergers, ours is a result of a long relationship working together both on the operations as well as the technology side of serving common clients. Our product capabilities and roadmap of innovation are strongly aligned, as is our culture of dedicated client success. It simply became clear to both teams that coming together has the potential to begin a revolution in what healthcare organizations should expect from partners, and in turn, better serve our clients.

What are the key benefits?

As a result of this merger, you will have access to exciting new capabilities:

  • Tools to manage your listings across the entire consumer web
  • Scheduling capabilities on your own digital properties as well as syndicated to the major healthcare destination sites
  • Patient feedback systems for capturing, analyzing and syndicating ratings and reviews
  • Provider data warehousing tools for creating an augmented and robust central record of information

Simply put, you will have the ability to manage your reputation across all leading online patient destinations and will be able to deliver a more modern and streamlined scheduling experience for patients across the web.

Additionally, because our combined teams are able to scale from small practices to large health systems, our clients have the agility to work on complete, system-wide strategies and simultaneously execute specific initiatives with employed and aligned practices.

We’d love to talk about what all this means for you personally and your overall organizational strategy. Give us a call today!