Capture, Convert, Manage

Everything we build is designed to help the healthcare industry improve their connection with those they serve. The framework we operate within is described as Capture, Convert and Manage. We use this approach to build solutions your patients will be excited to have.


Search engines like Find a Doctor aren’t unique to healthcare. Essentially, sites like Amazon, Best Buy and even social sites such as Pinterest have a lot in common with Find a Doctor tools. The goal is to capture as much traffic as possible, help the user find the product/doctor which best fits their needs, and then give them compelling and easy pathways to choosing that product/doctor. The action they take may be using a credit card through eCommerce, pinning on Pinterest and/or scheduling an appointment with a doctor, but the idea is the same. ProviderConnections is designed to leverage the research and effective strategies of other industries to create the best experience possible in helping patients find a doctor.



ProviderConnections Find a Doctor systems are built from the ground up with search engines in mind. From SEO basics such as correct use of H1 and H2 tags, to more advanced aspects such as Rich Snippets and APIs (for cross-links on landing pages), your provider profiles are optimized to be at the top of search results.


Did you know users judge your site (and organization) within 17 milliseconds of seeing your website? Do you know how they make that judgment? We do…and we develop our systems around ensuring the Find a Doctor system for your users is an easy and enjoyable experience.


Having the right data is the starting point for any Find a Doctor strategy. We begin by using the data your organization is already gathering and updating in existing databases such as credentialing systems, call center databases and departmental silo-ed data such as physician liaison contact databases or spreadsheets updated by service line teams. (And, of course, patient experience survey data!) Once we’ve built import logic for the appropriate data sources, ProviderConnections layers in the ability for administrators to both update the data online as well as issue invitations to providers and their office managers to suggest changes and additions to their profiles. But this invitation system isn’t your normal update portal – it is designed to proactively remind providers of the need for updates without their needing to remember URLs or login credentials. Workflows for change review and approvals ultimately mean easier processes for everyone to create profiles which drive results.

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